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What is Spy.House?

Spy.House is a service for monitoring affiliate advertising. In other words, this is an online tool that collects ads from different ad networks and all the important information about it. Using Spy.House you can see what ads your competitors are running and on what scale, find out which approaches work better than others and which offers are worth testing.

What does Spy.House do?

Our service focuses on analytics and automation of media advertising. In simple terms, Spy.House is needed in order not to waste money on testing when launching ads. With the help of our service, you can keep track of competitors, search for the most profitable offers and automate the launch of an advertising campaign.

How much does Spy.House cost?

Spy.House is a completely free service. All our services are provided to all registered users.

What ad formats are included in Spy.House?

At the moment Spy.House allows you to monitor Push, In-Page Push and teaser ads.

How frequently is your database updated with new ads?

Our parsers work non-stop. Parsers download information from all ad networks one by one and start again when finished.

What countries are the ads coming from?

At the time of writing, Spy.House collects ads from 247 countries. When ads appear in new GEOs in any of the advertising networks with which we cooperate, they will be added to our service, which will increase the number of supported countries.

What ad networks are the ads coming from?

Spy.House collects ads from 15 ad networks at the time of writing:

Eidos Network

What browser is recommended to use?

All tests of the website were made using  Google Chrome, so we recommend using it for both web and mobile versions. This, however, does not mean that the site will not display correctly on other browsers.

What filters can be used to display ads?

The display of ads on the page can be filtered by keyword, “Ad format”, “Date”, “Number of ads displayed on the page”, “Saved filters” and “Favorites”. All these filters can be found at the top of the page.

How to filter ads?

You can filter ads by first or last display date, display period, countries, ad networks, languages, ad category (Adult/Mainstream), and devices.

How many filters can be used at the same time?

Spy.House allows you to use all available filters at the same time.

How to create your own filter template?

To create your own filtering template, just set your filter settings and click on the “Save” icon.

This will open a pop-up window where you will need to name your filter and click Save. The template you created can be found in the Saved Filter section for quick reference in the future.

What is "Favorites" and how to work with it?

“Favorites” is a section where you can save ads you like for future use. This is a very handy feature for building your own library of creatives.

How to read the creative card?

For a complete understanding, we have numbered all the components of the creative card. An explanation of each item can be found below.

  1. The date the ad was first shown.
  2. The date this ad was last shown.
  3. Advertisement icon.
  4. The link of the ad.
  5. Headline.
  6. Ad's main image.
  7. The text of the ad.
  8. The ad network where the ad was created.
  9. The device that the ad is targeting.
  10. “Favorites” button, when you click on it, the ad will be saved in your favorite ads in your account.
  11. Total views that the ad received.
  12. The country for which the ad was created.

How to copy the creative text?

When hovering over any text in the creative, you'll see a pop-up prompting you to copy the text you've specified.

You can also select the text you need and copy it with the “ctrl + c” combination.

How to download the icon or the picture?

When clicking on a creative, an expanded version of the creative card will be opened, where you will see buttons that allow you to download an icon and a large image.

How to find out the redirect of a creative?

Spy.House allows you to see the entire redirect chain of any campaign. To do this, just click on the creative card.

Where can I find landing pages?

To view all landing pages in the system, go to the “Landings” section in the top main menu. In this section, you can filter landings by date and keywords.

How to download landing pages?

Under each landing, you will see two buttons: A preview button, which allows you to see what the landing looks like, and a download button. When clicked it will start downloading the landing to our server, during this process you will see a spinning icon. The download time depends on the size of the landing page and takes from 10 seconds to several minutes, upon completion the button will turn bright green, which indicates that you can download it in a .zip archive.

What other services does Spy.House offer?

In addition to the basic functionality of the spy service, Spy.House also provides ratings for advertising networks, affiliate networks, trackers and services. Also, Spy.House offers everyone to use the conference calendar and blog.

I have questions that I haven't found an answer to.

We are always happy to answer all your questions, feel free to contact our support service:
Telegram: @SpyHouse_tech